Due to the size of our organisation, in order to operate, we rely on donations from our supporters. 100% of your donations go straight to our beneficiaries or sponsored staff members in Domasi.

We also donate items such as bicycles, fertiliser, new baby kits and livestock to our community members; these items help to break the cycle of poverty and improve lives in rural Domasi.

If you would prefer to donate a particular item please email info.communityhighlight@gmail.com.

To donate today and improve lives in Malawi click here:

If you would prefer to donate a particular item please email info.communityhighlight@gmail.com.

Donating bicycles to families in Domasi helps to break the cycle of poverty. Bicycles not only help the users, but build businesses and stimulate economic growth. Families can choose to keep the bicycle for personal use; using it to boost their business and transport their goods to local markets. Alternatively, they can rent their bicycle out to local 'njinga drivers' who then use it to transport people around the village for a small fee. This second option is encouraged as it helps to trigger the positive multiplier effect as it provides income and job opportunities for other members of the community. If you would like to donate a bicycle to a family in Domasi please email info.communityhighlight@gmail.com

Donating livestock not only improves food security but it also offers a unique business opportunity. We donate goats, chickens and now rabbits to our community members.

Rabbit farming is a niche business in Malawi but the market for rabbit meat is growing and because rabbits mature quickly and multiply very fast, they offer one of the best opportunities to quickly recover your costs and investment in a short period of time. If you would be interested in donating livestock please email info.communityhighlight@gmail.com

We also donate fertilizer to our community members. With 80% of people in the villages we work in being smallholder or subsistence farmers fertiliser can be invaluable. Fertiliser increases crop yields and ensures a better harvest; something that is hugely important in a country that is often hit by famine and food insecurity. For most families fertiliser is unaffordable. If you would like to donate a bag please email info.communityhighlight@gmail.com