Meet The Teachers

The Classrooms

Namalaka recently built a new school building due to the old one being too small for the number of children attending. This turned out to be well timed as unfortunately the old school collapsed during rainy season so now the children have one classroom but it is twice the size of the old class. The floor has also recently been re-built; meaning we can now provide the children of Namalaka with a safe and productive learning environment.

Current Needs

The walls of the new build need plastering and painting, not only just to brighten up the school but to strengthen it as well against the damaging effects of the rainy season.

As with all schools we are constantly in need of school materials such as pens, paper, books, chalk etc. in order to keep our schools running.

If you would like to help us with any of the above please see the how to help/contact us page!