Meet The Teachers

The Classrooms

Nsangeni now has three classrooms due to the large number of children that attend the school. The original school is used mostly for the nursery classes and the other building has two separate classrooms that are great for splitting our afternoon classes into age appropriate groups to ensure that the lessons are more suited to the children's abilities.

Thanks to some wonderful fundraising the floors of Nsangeni School have now been re-built; this means we can now accommodate for all the children and provide them with a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Current Needs

The walls of the school  need painting as we have recently plastered the building -strengthening it against the damaging effects of the rainy season.

As with all schools we are constantly in need of school materials such as pens, paper, books, chalk etc. in order to keep our schools running.

If you would like to help us with any of the above please see the how to help/contact us page!